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Jet Boat & Wilderness Walk

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Suited to most abilities. The walk is not at a fast pace but there is uneven ground and some rocks to walk over. You do have the option to do just a little of the walk at your own pace & let the others go ahead if walking is difficult and remain close to the jet boat until they return. A pretty good option as you are in paradise !!

For those with younger children who may no be good walkers, also staying close to the boat, taking photos and playing in the wilderness paradise instead of slowing up the walk for others is a great option. If you are not a good walker or have a disability read the next FAQ

We take you in to a wilderness area on a fast boat, we do spins and we walk on uneven ground. There is no way to smooth this into a serene and calm tour. It is action packed.

Your safety and that of the other passengers is our top priority. You will be required to climb over seats in the boat, step up onto the bow of the boat and step up onto a river bank or onto rocks to access a path. If you have trouble climbing steps, need assistance with your movements then this isn't for you.




Yes, absolutely. Children love this trip. Our observations range from young ones who are in awe of the jet boats’ power and the drivers skills, to the excitement of the wilderness walk where their imaginations can play and the souvenirs they gather from this experience. Different times of the year introduce different animals for them to see from the lambs in the spring to the huge numbers of fish in the autumn and birdlife all year round. Recommend parents bring a day pack with drink and food for children.

Child age 4-14 years inclusive / Adult from 15 years 
Sorry but not suitable for infants under 4years 

We do our best to ensure our trips do not proceed into incoming heavy rain. Mountain weather can be unpredictable and sometimes we may get caught out by showers. We have excellent wet weather gear and do our best to protect passengers from rain if it eventuates.

On the positive side, it can be very beautiful seeing changes in light that weather can bring. During our trips that follow on after heavy rain in the valley we make a point of showcasing the huge waterfalls that come to life.

Stunning scenic shuttle drive around the shores of Lake Wanaka to the Matukituki River (approx 20 minutes). At the river you are met by your guide, life jackets on and aboard the jet boat for a safety briefing, then you’re off!! Jet boating up river (approx 1 hour) includes a couple of stops for photos. Top of the river you all disembark for the wilderness walk. (50 mins - 1 hour) Fast, flowing trip down river (approx 45 minutes) before shuttle return to town.

Women less than 4 months are welcome to join the trip. We advise watching the video on our website so you can make your own decision as to whether you will feel comfortable doing this activity during your pregnancy.

Summer: shorts and a couple of light layers. Bring a sweater or light jacket. Winter: Dress warmly, layers and a jacket, bring hat and gloves if you have them. If you are here for skiing or snowboarding, wear your ski gear. Footwear: trainers are fine; during summer strong sandals are also suitable.

A-24 hours notice of cancellation is required for a full refund.

If a trip is cancelled due to weather or high river levels a full refund will be issued- or you can re-scheduled to another day.


If your question is not answered below, please scroll down to our other FAQ categories. Alternatively contact us for further information

A packraft is a cross between a kayak and a raft, small, inflatable and ultra light. A craft in a pack you can carry yourself. Hike with your raft to untouched landscapes, paddle remote rivers. Packrafting is the perfect mix of Hiking, paddling and adventure. 

You will need an average level of fitness, although not difficult you will need to be able to walk approx 700 meters carrying your own gear (up to 3-5kg in a pack) You must be able to swim and be up for a full day wilderness adventure.

No, we will teach you how to paddle but definitely a love of adventure is required.

YES. You must have a basic swimming ability: Be able to use forward propulsion, be able to hold your head above water and not panic when in water. This is an activity in and on water.

Yes this is a great family experience for older children 12 -14 check the criteria for swimming and fitness.

Absolutely, this is a wilderness packraft adventure. It wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t wet and that is all part of the fun

wear swimmers or sports gear beneath the wetsuit we provide and warm clothing to change into at the end of the trip.

Bring a towel and

bring a light pair of socks to wear beneath the neoprene booties we supply


yes but we advise using a safety (keeper) strap. These can be purchased relatively cheaply from a pharmacy or ask us at the river and we can provide you with a soft strap. There are also pockets in our lifejackets to keep your sunglasses if you prefer.

There are incredible photo opportunities on this trip but your camera must be waterproof (Go-pro or similar). We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your camera.

Our guide will take photos during the trip so make sure we have your email to send you a link



Are all provided, please let us know if you have any dietary requirements on booking

Heli & 4WD combos

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Your flight lasts approx 25 minutes including a landing on the Isobel Glacier for approx 10 minutes 

When conditions permit we will land on the Isobel Glacier. In the event we cannot land on the Glacier we have several fabulous high altitude landing locations which look directly into the huge glacial area around Mount Aspiring. We fly you up close over the Rob Roy and Avalanche Glaciers, one of the most spectacular glacier flights in new Zealand. disembark the helicopter for approx 10 minutes for photos

About 3/4 of the way up-river, the helicopter meets the jet boat on the banks of the river where passengers who have chosen this option disembark the jet boat and join the helicopter for their amazing flight.

Meanwhile... the jet boat continues up-river to its top destination to await the helicopters return; on landing everyone begins the wilderness walk together.

Those that chose this option will miss out on the top 1/4 leg of the jet boating but will see the river from the air. You will however get to jet boat downstream on that top 1/4 section after the walk

We can occasionally have weather conditions which are great for jet boating but not a helicopter flight. In this situation we will refund you the helicopter portion of your trip

We can occasionally have weather conditions which are great for jet boating and a helicopter flight but not a landing on the Isobel Glacier. In this situation we have an alternative which is landing in full view of Avalanche Glacier. We rate this as one of the top landing spots in our area of operation and will offer this to you in the event of weather prohibiting landing on the Isobel Glacier. Same flight time and same landing time 

Yes definitely, a great opportunity for children to see farm animals on an exciting 4WD adventure

Please note, Car seats are required for children 4-7years $10 hire fee. Please note when booking that a car-seat is required


After your jet boat tour a picnic lunch will be supplied for you to eat at the river before being collected by your guides from Ridgeline Adventures. This is usually about a 20-30 minute lunch break 

Lunch consists of a filled focaccia bun, muffin, fruit, muesli bar and a bottle of water

Afternoon tea at the 'Alpine cafe" is a hot drink and biscuits

Note- Please advise if you have any dietary requirements, during winter lunch will be taken during the tour at a suitable time and location during the day.